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Questions and Answers

What one of your meditation classes should I do first?

Sound Healing is the

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perfect place to start. Nothing to do but lie back and relax.

What should I wear to class?

We have no specific dress code. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

We do ask everyone to remove their shoes upon entry to our main meditation space so if you like you may bring your favourite cozy socks or go barefoot.

What will I sit on in class?

The Karmness Centre exists to make meditation accessible to everyone and with this in mind we understand that different people like to relax in different ways. To accommodate this we offer a variety of different seating options inclusive of:

  • Chairs
  • Zafu and Zabutons
  • Backjacks
  • Zen meditation seats
  • Meditation stools
  • Yoga mats (for those who like to lie down)

I’ve tried mediation before and it doesn’t work for me?

Our styles of meditation are simple but powerful. There is a style to suit everyone. Perhaps the technique that you previously used wasn’t suited to you at the time. It is worthwhile savouring many different classes till you find one that you love and do that until you feel the urge to move to another.

Meditation is simply our most natural way of being. You will have meditated many times in your life and experienced the benefits probably without even knowing you were. (Are you a gardener, quilter, golfer, fisherman etc).

At the Karmness Centre we ask that you approach meditation in a way that is fresh, innocent and new. It is when we give up the need for control and are able to embrace the whole of the experience that we can truly enjoy the benefits. Let go of the techniques, thoughts of what you think you should or shouldn’t be doing, etc. and just allow everything to be exactly as it is.

What really matters is the attitude in which you engage in the meditative process – keep an open mind.

Am I doing it right. I asked a friend and she said I wasn’t?

Meditation is a deeply personal experience which has nothing at all to do with anyone but you. Basically, if you are meditating in any way, shape or form then you are on the right track.

Like exercise, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Never compare yourself to another. This is about you and only you. The experiences of another person are unique to them just as yours are unique to you and quite frankly no one else’s business (unless you choose to share).

What if I can’t sit still and my mind is racing and I can’t get rid of my thoughts?

Meditation is not meant to make your thoughts disappear. There is a common myth that meditation is about eradicating all thought completely. Your thoughts will always be there. You can’t control them coming but we are here to help guide you to notice them and peacefully coexist with them. And as you learn to just let them come and go without attachment you will find there are certain spaces where there is no thought and this is where the magic begins.

Your Centre is amazing. It feels like a different energy exists in there. Why is that?

Our Centre has been set up to both empower and relax people. It has an amazing energy and every piece of furniture and room has been alligned by Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, to ensure the energy is flowing exactly as it should be. We exist solely for the purpose of helping people to dive deep into their souls and reconnect with their true self and the abundance of calm power that resides there. We believe our modern sanctuary helps start this inner journey from the minute you walk in and feel immediately relaxed.

Can I rent a space there?

Absolutely! We have several different areas that are available for private hire by like minded people wanting to run workshops, hold classes or practice their chosen method of healing in our individual offices. Please give our reception staff a call to discuss your needs and we will see if we can help.

Do you offer classes for my teenager?

Yes we do offer classes for teens. These classes are run in 4 week blocks and need to be pre- booked. Numbers are limited and classes fill up quickly as spaces are limited. Please contact us for more information.

I’m nervous about meditating in a group. Do you offer private sessions?

We do offer private sessions and can tailor sessions specifically to your needs.

Please note though that our teachers are experts in making you feel comfortable and within minutes of closing your eyes you are unlikely to be aware of anyone else in the room so group sessions may suit you after all.

Can you bring your Karm Classes to our workplace?

We offer corporate packages and more information can be found under Korporate Karm on this website. (I’ve yet to put it together)