Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing Lights

Chakras are particularly high-energy areas in our body. You can call them the subtle energy fields in the body ,energy centres, energy vortexes, energy funnels, life mandalas, ethereal body vibration circles, the mental energy of the body or the core of the body.

It is difficult to put it down what they are, since they are not visible or tangible. (Although some clairvoyants can see them)

What is the role of chakras?

Chakras are connected to the energy flowing in our etheric body. The energy whirls turn clockwise. The chakras are closely connected to our physical body as well. They are located along the spine, from its base to the crown. Energy flows between our chakras through the central energy channel in the spinal cord called Sushumna

The chakras are responsible for the absorption and distribution of energy. Energy comes in from the world surrounding us, from our close environment and from the cosmos. So chakras absorb energy and then distribute it to our organs and different parts of the body. If the smooth flow of energy is disrupted, the organs connected to individual chakras will get less or more energy than they should, and this can lead to either physical or mental disruptions or illnesses.

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#a2853c;”>CHAKRAS – energy flows in the body

Like a wheel, a chakra turns, forming a vortex through which we can absorb cosmic energy. The chakras are connected to the nerves, and provide the organs and the whole body with vital energy through them. According to mystical tradition, everyone has seven energy centres, which are connected to each other by an energy channel running in the spine. Each of the chakras can be associated with a different colour; consequently, the rock crystals of the Chacrys crystal bed shine in these colours.

Crown chakra – Violet:

This chakra is our connection to the Higher Being. It can be found on the top of our head, where the fontanelle is. It strengthens our empathic ability, our religious consciousness, and therefore it gains importance at our mature age when we have gained considerable life experience.

Third-eye chakra – Indigo:

The third-eye chakra sees beyond the physical world. It can be found in the middle of the forehead. It is the place of supreme spiritual powers, intuition. This is where the recognition of our higher self starts.

Throat chakra – Blue:

It is the centre of human expressiveness, communication. It is a bridge between our thoughts and our feelings. It can be found at the height of the shoulders and the neck. This is the chakra of responsibility and self-expression. “I am confident – this is who I am.”

Heart chakra – Green:

The gateway to the soul, the centre of deep and intense love, and our love for existence is born in it. This is where the upper three spiritual energy nodes meet the lower three physical ones. It is located in the middle of the chest. It symbolizes our harmony with the nature, our ability to revive and the balance in ourselves.

Solar plexus/navel chakra – Yellow:

The energy centre of willpower and emotions. It is located between the the breastbone and the navel. The power flowing from the Sun enters the body through this channel. It affects our human relationships. We transfer our own feelings or receive the feelings of others through this chakra.

Sacral chakra – Orange:

The centre of sexual energy and creativity, located below the navel. Our emotions, our desires originate here, but depression can start from here as well. We can contact the fertile, receptive energy through this chakra; therefore, it significantly affects our relation to the other sex.

Root chakra – Red:

The whole system is built on this chakra. It is situated close to the perineum. Our home, the money we have and our feeling of security – it takes part in the creation of all these things, depending on whether it works properly or not.

How does the Chacrys crystal bed work?

Our Crystal bed contains seven Vogel crystals, which are quartz crystals shaped to a kabbalah shape, cut and polished to 12 sides. Thanks to this shape, the crystals are able to focus the light that is passing through them and to transfer the vibration of the crystals directly to the chakras. This process works well, because Vogel crystals are like natural lasers and the special light beam enters them in a 52-degree receiving angle, which is the same angle as the one of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The arrangement of atoms in crystals and their vibration is identical to the sacred geometry symbol, the flower of life, which shows the perfection of creation in a geometric structure that can be found in our own cells as well. So the vibration coming from the quartz crystals is beneficial for the human body. That is why the experiences with the crystal bed are so transcendental.

How to dissolve blockages with crystal therapy

Chacrys crystal beds are handmade of organic materials, and by utilizing the energy transfer ability of rock crystals, they create harmony between body and soul. The energy of the light coming from the crystals fills the chakras up with energy and harmonises them. By opening up energy channels they help you make contact with your innermost self. Would you like to focus on a single chakra? Choose a single light and fill up the chakra that needs energy the most. You can also opt for all lights being on at the same time, so that life-giving light reaches each chakra.

Give it a try and experience how Chacrys crystal beds open the way for energy to reach your chakras


40 min session

Single – $70

3 Pack – $195

5 Pack – $300

10 pack – $550


1hour session

Single – $110

3 Pack – $315

5 Pack – $500

10 pack – $900