About Us

We are a socially conscious business that believes in collaboration not competition. We want to be known as an ever evolving and expanding force for good, helping promote connection within a just, thriving, sustainable, spiritually fulfilled world where everyone wins.
Vision Statement
Our vision is to become recognized as a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory destination for all-round meditation.
Our conviction lies in the passion to enhance people’s lives by guiding them through the path of unfolding their inner peace and maximizing their potential to live happier, healthier lives through comprehensive meditation classes, workshops and corporate packages.

Mission Statement
Here at Karmness Centre, our mission is to provide a serene, secular and welcoming space where people are inspired to renew and channel positive energy by relaxing and freeing themselves from their everyday distractions and listening to what their heart, body and mind are telling them.

Value Statement
The body is like an engine which performs relative to how it is maintained. We believe that everyone needs to destress, relax and recharge through adequate meditation because we have the answers we often seek externally within ourselves.

Core Values
Revitalization: We are passionate about providing a safe place where people can relax and recharge through an all-inclusive meditation regimen.
Commitment: We have an unflinching resolve to guide people though a path of self-discovery in a place free from judgement and preconceived expectations.
Customer-centric: Our philosophy is hinged on customer satisfaction, hence, we are dedicated to ensuring they discover their true nature of peace and happiness.
Community: We believe in creating a community where individuals are inspired to live vibrant and creative lives through the practices of meditation/mindfulness and creative visualisation.